Civil Defence App: Updated and Nationwide


We are delighted to work with Auckland Civil Defence to release the new Civil Defence New Zealand app, version 3.0. The app is powered by us on our Alerter technology.

For those of you who don’t know, the Civil Defence App is a tool whose main job is to alert you and give the information you need to keep you safe in a disaster. You can download the Civil Defence app at the Apple App Store or Google Play.


This update has two major new features:


Support for the Regions of New Zealand

Civil Defence is no longer limited to Auckland City! Subscribe to receive alerts, news and community events for different regions of New Zealand as their councils sign on (this process is currently underway). Now while you are logged in to your account, you can stay prepared and informed wherever you may be. Handy while travelling; as you enter a region, the GPS location will automatically subscribe you to it, once those regions have come on board.

Multiple Emergency Plans

You can build your own emergency plans specific to your house, holiday home, business and other locations.


The Civil Defence App already helps you:

  • Connect with friends and family in emergencies
  • Get prepared with checklists and emergency information
  • Create and share your household emergency plans
  • Learn specific information about various types of disasters
  • Find out detailed survival information

This app aids the public in being more independent and informed, less stressed and in a much better position to keep themselves and their community safe.


Alerter has the ability to facilitate our growing culture of personal responsibility. It provides effortless access to clear information. The Civil Defence App is guiding New Zealand toward a stronger, more prepared and resilient country.

Download it here on Apple App Store or Google Play.

You can learn more about our Alerter platform here.