Blerter app to redefine health and safety in high risk industries

102 work-related deaths annually, $3.5bn cost to the nation

New Zealand app developer CLOUD M, is releasing an app which manages the health and safety of individuals working in high risk industries in real time.

Available to download now, Blerter is a safety collaboration network designed to help companies manage the complexities of health and safety across the entire supply chain.

Companies enable their presence on the network and manage projects, teams, and sites. Customers, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors all form part of the network, and group together around each project. Individuals see a view of the network based on the teams they belong to, their roles in those teams, and what they are working on.

All users interact via tablet or mobile devices to perform their everyday work. Blerter embraces the wider workforce including sub-contractors and targets risk industries such as construction, infrastructure, mining, transport and energy.

“Blerter puts people at the centre, which is where they should be where health and safety is concerned, and provides tools for real time situational awareness, hazard management, communication and incident reports,” says Richard Gill, Founder and CEO of CLOUD M.

Downer, leading provider of engineering and infrastructure management services with a 21,000 strong workforce, has been piloting Blerter within its ultra-fast broadband team in New Zealand with positive results.

“Blerter has the capability to change the landscape of health and safety for everyone everywhere,” says Mike Maunsell, General Manager of Fibre Operations at Downer.

Downer is part of the Zero Harm Community and Leadership Safety Forum. Julian Hughes, Chief Executive Officer, Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, is delighted to see “tools like Blerter to help business leaders drive a culture of health and safety.”

Alarming statistics

According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, there are 102 work-related deaths, 378 work-related serious non-fatal injuries on average in New Zealand each year, contributing to social costs of $3.5 billion annually[1].

The revised National Action Agenda focuses on five sectors with consistently high rates of injuries and fatalities – construction, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing and fishing[2]. Blerter aims to minimise harm in these and other high risk industries by empowering the supply chain to monitor health and safety in real time.

Alison Molloy, Chief Executive of Site Safe, says that health and safety is people centric and every worker should feel empowered to go home safely.

“Enabling tools like Blerter is an important step in improving attitudes and behaviours about health and safety,” says Molloy.

Blerter is available now on iPhone and iPad – coming soon to Android – as a free app for workers to download and build their personal safety profile. Business owners can also register their interest and subscribe to provide access to their projects for their workers.


[1] The State of Workplace Health and Safety in New Zealand, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, September 2012

[2] National Action Agenda 2010-2013, WorkSafe New Zealand, 18 September 2013



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Blerter is available as a free download now at The Apple App Store and coming soon to Android from the  Google Play Store.


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