Big Blerter Update for Android


We are pleased to announce the new Blerter v.1.5 update for Android. This update means functionality is aligned across all platforms and is available on 4700 different devices.


This update has many comprehensive new features:


Not only can you now add or join a business using your Android phone; with the right permissions, you can edit your business and manage employees.


Projects are vital to the functionality of Blerter, so it was important for us to get the Android app to the same usability as the Apple app.

You can:

  • Add and edit projects
  • Publish, follow and comment on:
  • Alerts
  • Blerts
  • Observations
  • Incidents
  • Hazards
  • Documents
  • Convert Blerts to appropriate classification


You can now give team members roles with specific permissions. You can add roles and change the permissions for each person. These are easy to change per project and are cross-company. You can also restrict incidents, observations and documents to specific subcontractors. Project permissions are an efficient way to get the right information to the right people.


You can invite members and subcontractors to projects and workplaces with ease, as well as edit or remove members. With the right permissions you can also see their check-in history, which is important to make sure that your people are using Blerter to its health-and-safety potential.


The Induction and Check-In procedure has been optimised. Rather than just a safety questionnaire, Check-In displays current hazards in the project you are entering. If you are returning to a project it will then show you any new hazards that have been reported. This feature is built to bring safety to the forefront for everyone, right there at the beginning of the day


Sometimes things like a malfunctioning tool or a person’s behaviour is a safety risk. Even if these issues don’t end in an incident, they still need to be addressed. Safety observations are sent only to those who need to know and only those with the right permissions can create them. This keeps the level of privacy you prefer. Safety observations also include team members involved and any consequential follow-up tasks.

There are of course many other new features on Blerter 1.5 but we will leave that for you to explore. The newest update supports Android v.5 Lollipop and in the pipeline is support for tablets.

For a greater user experience, evolving functionality, dedicated support and development teams, download Blerter now. It is FREE to create your profile and workplace, so why wait?

What matters most to you is the same as us: Send your people home safely tonight.