Blerter ramps up app capability with Apple TV launch

Enter any building site in the country and the first thing you’ll see is a whiteboard outlining the health and safety policy and current hazards on site.

Blerter aims to change that with the launch of its health and safety app on the new Apple TV App Store.

Blerter founder and CEO Richard Gill says “while the rest of the world has moved to real-time, digital platforms, health and safety remains stuck in a paper-based world.”

“Our aim is to make sure everyone goes home safe - every day. You can’t do that if you’re communicating with staff via whiteboards and clipboard forms.”

Blerter doesn’t just replicate the forms used for health and safety reporting in a digital form, it revolutionises the way employers and employees communicate their health and safety information.

“We looked at the problem from the perspective of keeping people safe, not just from a ‘how do we comply with the regulations’ point of view. So instead of filling in forms and processing them manually, Blerter enables everyone on a site to participate in health and safety activities and to know who else is on site, all in real time.” 

That reduces the number of incidents due to poor communication or misunderstanding about capabilities, and when incidents do occur, Blerter offers a faster and more efficient way of communicating with all who may be affected.

“Blerter is akin to a social network, but instead of sharing photos of your family, we share information about the people, hazards and incidents on site. That means you know whether I’m trained to operate that piece of equipment and whether that piece of equipment is right for the job at hand.”

Now with the Apple TV extension, Blerter will future-proof that final hurdle of old-school site management – the whiteboard.

“Instead of listing the generic hazards you might encounter on site, Blerter on an Apple TV will show the actual hazards, alerts, KPIs and teams who are on site right now.”

Because Blerter has an easy-to-use design, anyone can use it. Blerter is free for users and subcontractors, with prime contractors or site owners paying a small fee to cover their workforce.

“We capture not only contractors and direct employees, but also subcontractors like electricians, heavy equipment drivers, plumbers and so on, who are often not included in company-wide communications.”

Aside from Apple TV, Blerter is available for both Android and Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads and of course the Apple Watch.