A Wealth of Advice

James Hay

James is a Director of Marborough Lines Ltd, GM Operations at Central Plains Water, and a former General Counsel for Meridian Energy, Advisor at Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and General Manager at CERA, as well as other government and corporate roles.

He has significant expertise in governance, management and legal issues and contributes significantly to the company’s current strategy and restructuring. James was a director of CLOUD M during the formation of our health and safety product Blerter, and remains active on our advisory board.

Mark Fowler

Mark is a specialist technology trend research and strategy consultant and a founding member of the Global Foresight Network, an organisation dedicated to new ways of thinking and cutting-edge strategy.

A passionate innovator, Mark has spent the past 12 years working with a variety of Australasian private and public sector clients on the facilitation of senior leadership teams to challenge existing thinking patterns and explore future strategy choices. He has held a number of professional and senior management positions within the IBM Corporation in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong and is frequently invited to share his strategic foresight and future strategies at industry conferences.