Building a network for Human Safety

At CLOUD M we are driven to create technologies that help build and strengthen our communities.

In an increasingly isolated world, we firmly believe that technology has the power to enhance the way people connect with each other, driving safer work practices, higher levels of learning and participation, and strengthen a neighbourhood’s ability to survive emergencies.

CLOUD M’s commitment is to provide tools that are easy for our customers to adopt and use. We continue to invest in delivering outstanding mobile intelligence, innovation, compelling new features, rapid scalability, 24-7 security and world-class reliability.

Our Alerter product is helping protect the 1.4 million people of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. It helps the Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) agency alert the public of emergencies, keep them informed of ongoing operations, and helps prepare them to cope during a disaster. It also helps citizens take care of themselves and each other. It connects close friends and loved ones in a secure, private network, and helps households develop and manage their emergency plans.

Our flagship product, Blerter revolutionises Health and Safety for high risk industries such as Construction & Infrastructure, Mining, Transport and Energy. It helps companies make sure their people go home safe each night, and provides management and boards with real-time understanding of their activities across all their projects.